Depiction of a “Reverse Edge” Falchion on a Late XIIIth Century Painted Ceiling in South Central France

I am beginning work on a descriptive article of this wonderful late XIIIth century depiction of a sword and buckler vs. falchion and buckler duel. Located in the Doyenné de Brioude in France, this scene is unique in that it is comprised of painted wood cutouts applied to the ceiling of a well documented and studied medieval structure. Furthermore, a recent dendrochronological analysis of the ceiling prior to restoration allows dating of the depiction to within a few months.

A lot of work still to do before I can assert anything. My initial intuition is that this may push back the appearance of the “reverse edge” falchion (Elmslie Type 2) by a few decades.

I hope to complete the article in the next month or so. Stay tuned!

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